I don’t write when things are going well. Why is that? What am I afraid of? Perhaps that I will come spilling out onto paper uncontrollably. I’ve always used writing and words as a way to express myself when life is hard. When every breath is hard, every step is a struggle and I’m running fast out of options. Sometimes I use it as a last resort. I always know it will help. There’s something so raw about getting it down on paper. When life’s on the up I prefer not to jinx anything by scrawling it down in my old confidante. The most beautiful words I know are those draped in sadness. My favourite song lyrics revolve around heartbreak, loneliness, lost love and inner hell. My favourite poems were wrote by those who could no longer take the pain. I’m teaching myself how to write from a new reality. A reality no longer filled with anguish and frustration. We all identify with words that make us feel something, make us cry or hit a nerve we tried to hide. It is harder to identify with those words which make us smile, which build us up and remind us how lucky we are to be completely in love. Maybe no words could ever be enough.