To you….
I know at times like these people always talk about not being able to imagine how you’re feeling. Well I can. To some extent at least. Everyone’s personal experiences are different and everyone’s journey takes their own path but I know your pain. I know how it feels to wake up and for a few seconds forget what’s happened before it comes rushing back and hits you again full force. I know how it feels to try and cope with your own heart breaking whilst the people you love the most are completely heartbroken too. I know how powerless you can feel. I know that the pain is sometimes so harsh and so deep that it takes your breath away. I don’t know the journey you will go on from now. However I do know that every person is different and to try not to compare yourself to others. I don’t know exactly what to say to make anything better or if there is anything that ever could. I know it was the strangest, smallest things that would manage to make me smile. Please be kind to yourself. Please remember that this is devastating and that your whole body, mind and soul is going to feel it. Please don’t ever forget that I love you, that the dark days will get the tiniest bit lighter and that you are never alone. Please be proud of yourself. I am.
All my love xx