Manchester City Council’s e-Petition Scheme.


Manchester City Council have started an e-Petition scheme. Anybody living in Manchester who might have an issue they want to raise or change they want to see in their community can start a petition online. This is an alternative to the traditional paper petitions and it is easier to reach a wider audience and gain more supporters for your campaign. It is possible to search through existing petitions to see if there is any already online which you would like to add your support to. Technology is become more and more frequently used even when looking at issues which affect just one community. As more people have access to technology and the internet it becomes more logical to have petitions like these online rather than on paper. People are able to have their voice on local issues and their feelings to be shared to anyone with access to the internet.

MCC e-petition scheme website link –

There are other similar schemes around the country which use e-petitions.

HM Government e-petitions –

Petition the government – 

Scottish Parliament petitions –

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